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Transmission repair can cause a lot of worry for most people. That’s because it doesn’t usually happen more than once or twice in a person’s lifetime. , and when it does, it usually you don’t know what to do next.  Transmission repair shops may ask you to spend a lot of money for a problem that you probably don’t understand and they don’t take the time to explain.  The team at Tri-County Transmissions was founded on the belief that people deserve to know what they are spending their money on.  Our customers know that 100% of the time they will get an honest opinion after identifying the problem.  Here are some answers to the questions we are most commonly asked.

Why does transmission repair cost so much?

Transmission repairs can be costly, however let’s consider what’s really involved in repairing transmission.  Today’s transmissions consist of hundreds of individual components that require removal, cleaning, inspection and testing.  Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced. Then each part is put together into one of many sub assemblies. Each sub assembly must then be adjusted and tested for proper operation. And this process continues as the transmission is put back together.  Finally, once the transmission is completely assembled, it has to be reinstalled. If that’s not enough to justify repairing your transmission consider this fact.  Today virtually all transmissions are computer controlled, which means that the transmission’s ability to operate depends on much more than the condition of the transmission itself. Engine problems now can have a dramatic effect on how the transmission operates.  All of which boils down to one, inescapable conclusion: Sure, transmission work can be expensive… but, dollar for dollar, it’s one of the best values around.

Why can’t you give me a price over the phone?

20-or-so years ago, there were only maybe a dozen different transmissions on the road.  Every transmission repair shop had a good stock of rebuilt units on hand. There were almost no updates necessary, and even if something unusual failed, most shops had a good supply of used parts on hand to replace it.  Today there are more than ten times that many transmissions in use, with new ones showing up all the time. Many of those transmissions have several different variations or calibrations, with as many as a dozen modifications necessary.  What’s more, today’s transmissions are computer controlled, which means even though your transmission may not be working properly, there’s a good chance the root cause of the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the transmission itself.  To provide you with an accurate assessment of your transmission’s condition and give you an honest estimate for repairs, technicians must perform a series of rigorous tests.  They must identify which transmission is in your car, and which version of that transmission it is. Then they have to identify the specific problem, and isolate whether it’s in the transmission or the computer system. Finally, they have to determine the likely causes for the problem, based on a logical diagnostic process.  Once they have that information, the shop is able to give you a more accurate explanation of your car’s condition, and put together an accurate estimate of the costs to repair it. There’s just no way to do all that over the phone.

How can I be sure I can trust this shop?

There are a number of ways you can learn if a repair shop is trustworthy or not. One way is to ask for references from people who have been there before. Another is to check with your local consumer protection agency, to see whether they have any records of misconduct by the shop.  In the case of a transmission shop, you can also ask for recommendations from your general repair shop: They’ll usually know a nearby transmission shop they can recommend. But one of the best ways to make sure you’re trusting the right shop with your transmission repairs is to take your car to Tri-County Transmissions.At Tri-County Transmission we maintain an ethical standard unsurpassed in any service industry. These standards require us to provide honest diagnoses and repairs at a fair price.  Just read what our customers have to say if you still need more convincing.